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Experience the wonderful experience of actually flying an airplane!

Feel the three dimensional feeling, the joy and satisfaction that only the environment of air can give.

By utilizing the coupon below, $60.- will be taken of the regularly hour rate and a very qualified and experienced U. S. Flight Academy Instructor will introduce you to this wonderful environment, allowing at least one hour in the element of air.

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U. S. Flight Academy utilizes her own written and approved curriculums from USFA Basic Pilot through USFA Airline Transport Pilot. USFA does not short-cut or neglect any areas of flight training and believes that the best safety device in any airplane is a well trained pilot. Additionally, USFA believes in highly personalized style of training and will tailor its instruction to the individual to ensure the student fully comprehends, and is able to perform in all aviation environments.

The Chief Flight Instructor has extensive aviation training experience and is overseeing all instructors and flight training personnel, and is responsible that each instructor and student recordkeeping requirements are met, and that each stage check is completed satisfactorily in both ground and flight training as a measure of the quality of training presented, before advancing to the next stage of training. The Chief Instructor also conducts end of course tests at the conclusion of each course to insure adequate compliance, understanding and performance.

USFA Flight Training Evaluation and Grading Policy

U. S. Flight Academy employs only the most qualified flight and ground instructors who must go through a rigorous pre-employment testing process. Once with the school, all instructors must attend regularly scheduled recurrent training courses given by the Chief Flight Instructor or other qualified professionals. Instructors are also required to attend monthly meetings to assure standardization of teaching methods and school procedures. All of the USFA aircraft and simulator are meticulously maintained by her maintenance department staffed by experienced FAA certified mechanics, servicing each aircraft to the highest standards.


U. S. Flight Academy utilizes its own written and personalized curriculums from USFA Basic Pilot through USFA Airline Transport Pilot. USFA does not short-cut or neglect any areas of flight training and believes that the best safety device in any airplane is a well trained pilot.

Course Outline

Each course is package prices and all previous flight time is acknowledged and prices may be able to be reduced. Also, courses may be separated and broken down, and/or combined to reduce cost. All equipment, books and FAA exam fees are included in the course price. The total amount of practical training depends on aptitude, knowledge, study habits, previous experience, and understanding of the English language, as a certain level of proficiency must be attained before graduation. However, we stand behind our training and the student can expect to graduate within the allotted cost which reflects our commitment and belief that you will receive the finest training available to achieve your goals.

U. S. Flight Academy also offers courses consisting of the ground school only and several FAA test preparation courses. Pilot training of the highest standard is provided.

U. S. Flight Academy offers a 93 hours Aviation English Course for students who have English as their secondary language (ESL) which can be coupled with any of our courses.

Our professional courses meet the Civil Aviation Requirements of DGCA – Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India as well as CAAC – Civil Aviation Administration of China.

1 hour flight with a flight instructor (dual flight) equals 1 hour pre and post flight briefings as each dual flight includes :30 minutes pre flight and :30 minutes post flight.

Course Description and Cost

  • USFA 1000 – English as a Secondary Language Course
  • USFA 1100 – Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land Certificate Course
  • USFA 1200 – Commercial Pilot Airplane Single- and Multi-Engine Land with Instrument Privileges Certificate Course (13 Hours Multi-Engine)
  • USFA 1220 – Instrument Rating Airplane
  • USFA 1260 – Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land Certificate Course with Instrument Privileges
  • USFA 1280 – Commercial Pilot Airplane Single- and Multi-Engine Land with Instrument Privileges Certificate Course (25 Hours Multi-Engine)
  • USFA 1300 – Commercial Pilot Airplane Single- and Multi-Engine Land with Instrument Privileges Certificate Course with 13 Hours Multi-Engine, Certified Ground Instructor Advanced and Instrument, and Certified Flight Instructor Airplane and Instrument


Tuition cost is subject to change without notice.


In addition to its traditional flight training program, U. S. Flight Academy makes available a strong 2 or 4-year global Internet based aviation degree program from one of our nation’s truly excellent education institutions:

Utah Valley University ( www.uvu.edu/aviation). This provides a superb combination in producing superior aviators who are very well prepared for today’s aircraft cockpits and tomorrow’s aviation challenges. The completion of this program will further serve U. S. Flight Academy students a very prominent edge in today’s job market and provides an excellent placement service for hiring.

U.S. Flight Academy has entered into a partnership with our local community college. Howard College, where an Associate of Science Degree can be achieved parallel with the flight training, and this work is directly accredited towards a UVSC Bachelor of Science Professional Pilot Degree. This is ideal for a pupil desiring the first two years of their college education to be in a traditional classroom environment.

For more information, see www.uvu.edu/aviationwww.howardcollege.edu, the Enrollment Section, or contact a USFA representative.

College Philosophy

This is an Internet based Global Degree Program and the USFA philosophy behind this college flight program is; Commence training at U.S. Flight Academy while obtaining General Education credits at Howard College, and upon completion of desired pilot training and general education credits, credits will be given for this training at UVU. The remaining work towards an accredited 2 or 4 years online degree can be completed at UVU while working as a pilot or flight instructor to meet the required aeronautical experience desired to meet airline requirements for employment. The pupil will therefore work his or her way through College, not as a pizza delivery person, bartender or taxi driver, but work as an “intern” to build their chosen career while in College, at a frugal tution cost.

Degree Program


This non-traditional aviation college program far surpasses a traditional aviation college program referencing total cost, personal attention, and ease of accomplishment

Prospective Students (and visitors)

The U.S. Flight Academy offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for an aviation career with a Bachelor of Science Professional Pilot Degree, or want to become a Private Pilot, or is a pleasure pilot wanting to improve or enhance your flying skills, we do it all. The U.S. Flight Academy is dedicated to personalize training, tailored to the individual learning abilities and time constraints.

U.S. Flight Academy is able to accommodate full or part time students, and each will receive professional yet personal training. All courses exceed the FAA standards and come with no additional costs. The price we quote you includes all required text, equipment and testing to achieve the selected certification.

You’ll typically start with the required ground school to prepare you for the cockpit. Then, to the flight line to complete your practical training in the schools aircraft. And we offer a guarantee that others can’t match:

For the ground school, we will train you until you pass the FAA written test, no matter how many additional hours, and for each flight portion, we offer additional free training hours. These guarantees are unmatched by any other flight school, and reflect our commitment and belief that you will receive the finest training available to achieve your goal. But more importantly than just passing tests, you will leave the course a highly competent and safe aviator. Our staff is all dedicated to this goal and will do whatever is required to accomplish it.

Stop by and see us and we’re sure you will agree. The school is located on former Webb AFB, with superb facilities and flying weather. You can park your airplane or your car conveniently outside the U.S. Flight Academy building. You are welcome to inspect the U.S. Flight Academy and question both students and instructors as much as you wish. We would enjoy having you stop by, get acquainted, answer your questions, and try to help you in any way we can. Learn to fly and fly to success with the U.S. Flight Academy; you will want to take your seat in the cockpit with pride and confidence.

So, what are you waiting for, you could be flying!!!

Letter to Prospective Student

Career and Job Opportunities

  1. The FAA predicts a Billion Air Travelers by 2015, which is a 45% increase.
  2. The US Dept. of Labor is predicting a shortage of Airline Pilots through 2014.
  3. Mandatory retirement age reached by thousands of major airline pilots starting in 2010.
  4. The military is training fewer pilots every year and is retaining them longer.
  5. There is a shortage of civilian trained pilots who meets the airlines demand.


All these are reasons to start an aviation career now! With endless rewards and benefits, where there are no boundaries and the sky is always blue above the clouds. Let U. S. Flight Academy take you there; to a career of secured success where what you do is not called work, it is called satisfaction. You will; with the skills that we will teach you through our proven training methods, coupled with our reputation in the flight training industry, gain a very prominent edge in today s job market.

Like a Medical Doctor needing to work as an intern within his profession to gain practical experience, you will also need to build aeronautical practical experience before meeting the practical experience requirements of the airlines, and the most favorable way of doing this is to become a flight instructor where you will get paid when building your aeronautical experience. Most employers are looking very favorably at instructor experience upon hiring.

By enrolling in our Professional Pilot Program you can be a Commercial Pilot within eight months from zero time in a relaxed, professional and rewarding environment. Then upon graduation you will get the opportunity to be interviewed for your first aviation job here at the Academy, as we prefer to hire our own graduates who have become accustomed to our concept and structure of training.

You can also work as pipeline pilot, corporate pilot, contract pilot, freelance instructor, ferry pilot, air photography pilot, air taxi pilot, or doing a range of general air services work such as banner towing, aerial surveys, traffic watch or sightseeing, etc. to build your aeronautical experience to meet the airline requirements. There are endless opportunities for entry level jobs as the airlines are recruiting all pilots with some built up experience, leaving opportunities for those with no or limited experience.

Compensations for an airline pilot are typically as follow: Average national salary for an Airline Pilot, Copilot, or Flight Engineer range from $88,437 to $181,900 (per Payscale.com/research). Pay at a major airline can be as high as $250,000.00. To meet the eligibility requirements as co-pilot for a major airline typically takes 3 to 5 years with a regional airline or corporate pilot flying turbine aircraft:

A regional airline first year salary as a co-pilot is typically from $19 to $25 per hour, while second and third year typically range from $28 to $36 per hour. Expect to become promoted to Captain in 3 to 5 years with a starting salary of between $43 and $53 per hour. Top yearly pay with a regional airline is about $70,000.

A corporate pilot yearly salary is typically: Average yearly national salary for an Aircraft Pilot, Corporate Jet Job is from $57,621 to $104,795 (per Payscale.com/research).

Alternate Bases


U. S. Flight Academy has Sweetwater, Texas closest to its heart, and will meet the student at the Avenger Field Airport, in order to cater to the personnel of Dyess AFB, in addition to serving the civil population in the area.


U. S. Flight Academy has established a Satelitte Base in Portales, NM; catering to the personnel of Canon AFB, in addition to serving the civil population in the area.

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