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Who we are

About U.S. Flight Academy

U.S. Flight Academy exists to provide the highest quality aviation training for both private and professional pilots.

Our graduates will confirm that safety is our most important concern and that the USFA learning experience is pleasant, fun and rewarding. Our cordial and experienced teachers hold advanced pilot/instructor certificates and are dedicated to their profession.

Degree Program options are currently available online through Utah Valley University. Please consult a USFA Career Counselor for details.

Our personalized instruction is designed to meet your personal needs and tailored to fit your learning abilities and schedule. We go the extra mile to make sure you understand the subjects and pass all required tests without difficulty. But more importantly than just passing tests, you will graduate as a highly competent and safe aviator. Our entire staff is totally dedicated to this goal and this philosophy is reinforced by our sound flight training culture with structured, organized and time efficient programs, and reflects our commitment and belief that you will receive the finest training available to achieve your goals.  Please see Pilot Training for details.

I hope to see you at the airport soon, where dreams take flight.

Prevailing tailwinds and blue skies,

Jarle Boe


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Ready to take the first step towards your aviation career? Join the U.S. Flight Academy and experience top-notch flight training in an ideal environment. Our experienced instructors, superior facilities, and commitment to safety ensure that you receive the best education in aviation.


Our Programs


U. S. Flight Academy utilizes its own written and personalized curriculums from USFA Basic Pilot through USFA Airline Transport Pilot. USFA does not short-cut or neglect any areas of flight training and believes that the best safety device in any airplane is a well trained pilot.

USFA Courses

Foundational training for aspiring pilots covering essential flying skills and knowledge.

Certification Courses

Advanced training aimed at preparing pilots for commercial aviation careers.

Professional Training Courses

Highest level of Professional Training courses focusing on airline operations and standards.

Years of Experience
USFA Training


Experience the wonderful experience of actually flying an airplane!

Feel the three dimensional feeling, the joy and satisfaction that only the environment of air can give.

By utilizing the coupon below, $60.- will be taken of the regularly hour rate and a very qualified and experienced U. S. Flight Academy Instructor will introduce you to this wonderful environment, allowing at least one hour in the element of air.

Fast Facts

U.S. Flight Academy was established for the purpose of sincerely cater to her learners and trainees and realizes that her continued growth is dependent upon the success of each trainee. This consists of:

  1. Dedicated and experienced career instructors committed to the success of each learner.
  2. Ideal learning environment with superb training facilities and uncongested airspaces thus securing the growth of each learner.
  3. Ideal flying weather which secures the training continuity of each learner.
  4. Senior Instructors with ATP Certifications and Gold Seal Appointments.
  5. FAA Authorized Computerized Knowledge Testing Center.
  6. Two Lighted Runways for Day and Night Operations at each facility.
  7. Uncongested Airspace with Complete Instrument Procedures nearby.
  8. Certified Maintenance Personnel.
  9. Structured and Personalized One‑On‑One Instruction with A Small School Atmosphere.
  10. Online 2- or 4-year Degree Programs Available.


Below are excerpts of communications. If you would like to review a copy of the original accompanying letter, please click on the link of each excerpt to see the full letter.

“The training at USFA met all my expectations. It was efficient and at the same time individualized. Every moment I had complete confidence in my instructor's methods and approach to teaching. It's obvious that he loves flying and loves showing people how to do it in the safest possible way.”

Tommy Churchwell Big Spring, TX.

“Thanks for teaching me to fly. I very much appreciated your working around my busy schedule. The pleasant and courteous staff were a delight to deal with and instructors made the most difficult maneuvers simple to understand and do. Their patience and professionalism are to be commended.”

Roxanne Rich Big Spring, TX.

“USFA was recommended to me by another pilot who had recently completed his flight training for his private license. Being away from flying for many years, I contacted USFA and was assured that my training would be completed with consideration of my busy schedule. Six weeks later I completed my check ride and had finally realized a life‑long dream. The training I received was excellent and all my questions were answered and demonstrated to my satisfaction. Many thanks to Jarle Boe for his dedication to aviation.”

Greg Mitchell Pecos, Texas

“I never could have made it this far without the support of Jarle Boe through the initiation of my flight training and the people at Hangar 25!”

Jerod Flohr Big Spring, Texas

Join U.S. Flight Academy and experience top-notch flight training.

 With over 30 years of accident-free operations, personalized instruction, and ideal training conditions in Big Spring, Texas, we’re dedicated to your success as a pilot.



U.S. Flight Academy is located in Big Spring, Texas at McMahon-Wrinkle Airport. Originally home to Webb Air Force Base, it recorded the most favorable flying days per year of all US Air Bases throughout the world. Click on an area of weather information below.